While the specific causes of autism are not well understood, research increasingly points to a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Learn about emerging research and steps to take for a healthy pregnancy.

Improving Autism Risk Factors During the Perinatal Period

Robert Hendren, D.O. discusses emergening findings on perinatal influences and autism.

Mothers, Methylation, and Mitochondria

Jill James, Ph.D. discusses evidence pointing to epigenetic dysregulation and mitochondrial dysfunction in ASDs.

Gestational Influences & ASD

Immunologist Judy Van de Water Ph.D. discusses emerging research on gestational influences and neurodevelopment.

A Nutritionist’s Perspective & Tips for Preconception & Prenatal Care

Are you or somebody you know thinking of having a child – or maybe a baby is already on the way? Learn steps for optimizing preconception and prenatal health through good nutrition. Tune in for tips from Vicki Kobliner, MS, RDN.